Carlos ‘more than qualified’ as nat’l security adviser: labor org

A labor group on Friday supported the appointment of Dr. Clarita Carlos as National Security Adviser (NSA) in the administration of President-elect Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.

“The appointment of Dr. Clarita Carlos as National Security Adviser (NSA) is a welcome development. We like it most, Dr. Carlos is the first woman NSA. She is more than qualified for the job of NSA,” Federation of Free Workers (FFW) president Sonny Matula said in a statement.

Matula also believed Carlos will be a great addition to Marcos' roster of Cabinet officials due to her stellar credentials.

“As a woman and former political science professor from the University of the Philippines, she will give an added woman, civilian, and academic perspective to our national security agenda. As the first woman NSA, she will play an important role as the director-general of the National Security Council. Carlos was the first female president of the National Defense College of the Philippines,” he said.

Matula is hoping that “red-tagging will be reduced if not eliminated with her at the helm of the NSC.”

“She is a good choice as she knows the Philippine social movement, the left and the right, the extremists and the moderates,” he said.

On Wednesday, Carlos accepted the nomination to the post in a meeting with Marcos.

She authored books and papers about political parties, elections, defense and security, and foreign policy, among others.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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