An entrepreneur selling cakes and bread in Kampung Sri Tanjung here said the by-election in Simpang Jeram was a blessing in disguise since orders for kuih baulu had increased drastically as soon as campaigning for the by-election started here last week.

Entrepreneur Rawdiah Daud, 68, said she was anticipating an increase in orders or sales throughout the campaign, especially for kuih baulu, namely 'baulu pechak lapan' and 'baulu daisy' since both are normally purchased as gifts for visitors attending certain programmes during the campaign.

The sales of mi siput which is synonymous with the Muar district has also seen an increase in sales compared to normal days, adding that her shop also received visitors from outside the area who have come to join in the campaign.

"After 10 years of running this cake shop, I had expected to receive orders like previous elections. In this one week, sales increased by 30 per cent.

"On other days, apart from Hari Raya, sales is mediocre and we only focus on wedding bookings," she said when met by Bernama recently at her shop ‘Kedai Kek Sri Tanjung’.

According to Rawdiah, besides selling kuih baulu and mi siput, she makes various types of bread as well as kek lapis Sarawak (layer cake) with the help of five workers.

"I hope that the individual who becomes our representative here (Simpang Jeram) will find initiatives to help SMS traders and entrepreners increase their sales.

"I admit that the government had previously channelled help to me, but my hope is for it to help in marketing activities so as not to rely too much on sales during the festive seasons or when there are crowds including elections," she said.

Earlier, Rawdiah explained that among the assistance received was in the form of grants to buy equipment and necessities channelled through the Department of Agriculture, Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (RISDA) and Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA).

Source: BERNAMA News Agency