Britain’s best party headsets, speakers

Hunting for top-quality accessories for the "-ber" shopping months? KEF could help you track several. The British technology brand, globally known for its box-sized, BBC-styled studio speakers, unveiled for the Philippines a batch of high-end portable headsets and speakers recently.

Choices included KEF's famed Muo speakers, which is trendy with fashionistas and budget travelers keeping track of their business while overseas. Muo's block size could fit in a knapsack, and it is universally rechargeable. It can soundblast for parties or detail for business presentations.

The speaker is patented with KEF's factory set Uni-Q technology, designed to maintain Muo's solid HD output. It is a worthy mobile accessory for devices advancing with Virtual Reality (VR) theater designed for gaming. The speaker can effectively keep track of bass input and high frequency dispersion for greater volume capacity.

Muo figures with auto sound features detailed for mono, stereo and surround sound dispersion for bigger venues. KEF's classic sound reproduction make is intact with Muo. It ensures music streaming would play out without visible delays on a full bandwidth stake.

KEF's egg-shaped speakers are another beautiful series detailed for homes. The round design blends into modern interiors, mixing technology and design. It details with familiar mobile plug n' play mode for sequential phone file sharing.

Branded phones with discrminating sound system extensions will have a field day plugging on KEF's stylish in-ear, on-ear and over-ear wired headsets. It features KEF's classic Hi-Fi sound features for that extra surround sound theater effect. It is a work of art for music, even movies extended for lengthy gaming.

Englishman Raymond Cooke founded KEF in 1961. Cooke was obsessed with developing a superior speaker technology that could accurately replicate raw sound. He struck gold when BBC, after realizing the future potential of KEF's sound system quality, commissioned the sound engineer for a business partnership that oversaw the technical progression of the famed British media entity.

KEF was the first English boxed speaker brand to get computerized modifications, allowing Cooke's sound system design to transcend with gadget brands in dire need of immersive digital sound-enhancing accessories.

KEF's limited headset and speakers for personal and home theaters are locally distributed through Coby's Gear store, Unit 217, Level 3, Main Wing Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Source: Daily Tribune

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