Borongan City bans entry of swine, pork products due to ASF


Borongan City in Eastern Samar has banned the entry of live swine and all pork products from Luzon and Mindanao as preventive measure against the African swine fever (ASF).


Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda signed Executive Order No. 018-0820 on August 27 imposing the 60-day ban on all shipments of any swine products, whether live, raw, or processed, originating outside Visayas.


“ASF is spread by movement of infected material and with the increasing swine mortalities in Luzon and Mindanao, implementing precautionary measures to ensure food safety and food security is necessary to contain the disease,” Agda said in a statement on Wednesday.


After the 60-day ban, shippers will have to secure a veterinary health certificate (VHC) from the point of origin which only has three-day validity; shipping permit, farm accreditation certificate (FAC), transport carrier registration, and livestock handler’s license from the Bureau of Animal Industry; and a certificate of free status on ASF.


“We will follow a one VHC, one shipping address policy. The source farm address in the FMC should be consistent with the details in the laboratory compliance or laboratory testing certificate and the VHC,” Agda said.


ASF is a disease listed in the World Health Organization for Animal Health (OIE).


It is a highly-contagious hemorrhagic disease of domestic or wild pigs characterized by high fever, loss of appetite, hemorrhages in the skin and internal organs, and death in two to 10 days on average, the OIE said.


Agda said the city remains free of ASF, urging the public to immediately report unusual swine mortalities for immediate investigation.


Source: Philippines News Agency