Boracay closure ‘top priority’ in Cabinet meeting

MANILA The proposal to close Boracay for six months will be the top agenda when the Cabinet meets on Wednesday, MalacaAang said.

We expect an extensive discussion on the matters that concern Boracay this afternoon, Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra told reporters in Filipino.

There are many issues we want clarified: Number one, what do we really need to do with Boracay? Number two, the recommendations on Boracay, for example, drainage, sewerage system, is there really need for a closure? If a closure is necessary, should it be total or partial? And if it pushes through, when should it start? And finally, if it so happens it's there, what measures should the national and local government put in place to alleviate the negative impact to be felt by those affected? he added.

Guevarra said also to be discussed during the Cabinet meeting is the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit.

But I think this one stands out above the rest, he added referring to the Boracay issue.

The Office of the President is currently reviewing the recommendations of the inter-agency task force, which includes the departments of the interior, environment, and tourism.

The task force has been pushing for total closure of the island, while other departments, such as the Department of Trade and Industry, have recommended partial closure to assure that businesses and livelihood in the area are not largely affected, Guevarra said.

On Tuesday, Guevarra confirmed that the inter-agency group tasked to come up with the blueprint on the closure has finally submitted its detailed recommendation that would justify the proposal.

The Office of the President, through the Executive Secretary's office, has requested for a more detailed recommendation after the agency submitted a proposal that was only two paragraphs short.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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