Bislig, Iloilo, Ormoc projects get support from PPP Center

Three local projects in Bislig, Iloilo, and Ormoc have been approved for Project Development and Monitoring Facility (PDMF) support, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center said on Thursday.

In a statement, the PPP Center said the PDMF support to be given to these local projects will include project preparation and transaction advisory services.

The PDMF support covers the conduct of feasibility studies, project structuring, preparation of tender documents, management of the bid process, and assistance until financial close, the PPP Center said.

Officially approved on January 9, the PPPC said these were the Bislig City Bulk Water Supply and Septage Project (Bislig Water and Septage), the Iloilo City Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility Project (Iloilo Solid Waste), and the Ormoc City Water Supply System Project (Ormoc Water Supply).

The Bislig Water and Septage project, the PPP Center said, involves the development of a new water source, construction of bulk water supply and septage facilities, and the operation and maintenance (O and M) of the project.

It added that the project will provide sustainable potable water supply and proper sanitation to the existing or additional service areas of Bislig City Water District.

The Iloilo Solid Waste Project, meanwhile, is envisioned to be a sustainable solid waste management solution through segregation, recovery, recycling, treatment, remediation, and possibly waste-to-energy.

The PPP Center said the project is also intended to serve adjoining municipalities like Oton, Pavia, Leganes, Sta. Barbara, and Dumangas.

Lastly, the Ormoc Water Supply project involves the sourcing of raw water supply and the construction and O and M of a water supply facility.

Once built, the project is seen to provide Ormoc City residents with sustainable water supply available 24/7 using a piped distribution network with an adequate treatment facility.

The PDMF, the PPP Center said, is a revolving fund that supports pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, and other necessary pre-investment activities to help develop bankable PPP projects, as well as assistance for effective monitoring of PPP project implementation.

It added that the PDMF is available for all national government agencies, government corporations, local implementing entities, and state universities and colleges in the country.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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