BIR dismisses Revenue District Officer for prolonged absence from work

Commissioner of Internal Revenue Caesar R. Dulay dismissed from the revenue service a Revenue District Officer (RDO) stationed in Southern Luzon for prolonged absence from work.

The subject RDO did not report for work from December 7, 2015 to the present. In addition, the RDO also did not submit Daily Time Records (DTR) and other pertinent documents.

The afore-cited acts and omissions violated Civil Service Law and Rules, as well as pertinent policies and guidelines of the revenue service, on office attendance.

The dropping from the rolls of the RDO was recommended by the Regional Director having jurisdiction over the place of assignment of the former and was immediately approved by Commissioner Dulay.

The separation from the revenue service of the RDO comes in the midst of a memorandum from Commissioner Dulay enjoining all revenue officials and employees to render not less than eight (8) hours of work a day for five (5) days a week, or a total of forty (40) hours a week, exclusive of the one (1) hour lunch break each day.

He warned revenue officials and employees that habitual absenteeism and habitual tardiness, as well as loafing, will be severely penalized as the said infractions severely affect the normal operations of the Bureau and consequentially disrupt, delay or stall the efficient delivery of front line services to the public.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

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