'Binagoongan' downs 15 in Tugbok, Davao

FIFTEEN people fell victims to food poisoning Friday night in Tugbok District after munching on a bottled binagoongan from a sanitary landfill in the area.

Binagoongan is cooking pork meat in "bagoong", a condiment made of fermented fish or krill and salt.

The victims were rushed by the Davao Central 911 to the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) upon receiving report they were experiencing stomach pains and vomiting around 7 p.m. Friday, April 22.

Initial investigations of the Tugbok police revealed that 44-year-old Rody Miyake Bonguyan hoed some eight bottles of binagoongan last April 12.

The seal of the bottles were still intact, thus, he thought that it is still edible even if he got it from the landfill area.

Bonguyan then gave the binagoongan to his relatives, the Ecatan and Tombos family, who served it for dinner.

Afterwards, Imelda Alili Ecatan, 45; Joel Bayanban Pulong, 28; Analie Mansalinoy Ecatan, 21; Jea Escatam Mansalinoy, 18; Bernard Lita Bonguyan, 15; Charmaine Alili Bayanban, 14; Karen Joy Alili Ecatan, 7; Mary Grace Alili Ecatan, 3; Agustina Mansalinoy Tombos, 27; Alex Ecatan Tombos, 13; Angelica Ecatan Tombos, 10; Dennis Ecatan Tombos, 8; Angeline Ecatan Tombos, 6; Dave Ecatan Tombos, 8; Angeline Ecatan Tombos, 6; Dave Ecatan Tombos, 3; and Angelica Ecatan Tombos, 2, suffered symptoms of food poisoning.

The victims who were confirmed to be members of the Matigsalog tribe are still under observation at the SPMC.

The three recovered bottles of Binagoongan were taken by the police to be submitted at the City Health Office for examination.

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