Bayan: MRT fare hike now feels like scam

The fare increase that the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) started implementing this year feels more and more like a “scam” perpetrated on its riders, who on Monday had only 10 trains to serve them due to recurring glitches, a militant group said.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan secretary general Renato Reyes Jr. on Tuesday said the sorry state of the rail service on Edsa reflects the failure of having a privatized train system and boosts Bayan’s position that the MRT should be “nationalized.”

On Monday, transportation officials said only eight to 10 trains out of the regular fleet of 20 were able to operate due to defective air-conditioning units and doors. On Tuesday morning, four trains were reportedly pulled from operation, again because of defective air conditioning and computer boxes.

“To think that commuters are actually paying more this year because of the fare hike. What a scam!” Reyes said. “In light of the foregoing, the MRT line should be nationalized and rehabilitated by the government.”

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