Banking secy was unaware of BB cyber heist

Finance ministry’s secretary for banking division says he was unaware of the cyber heist, where a sum of $101 million was swindled out, throughout the last month.

“We had two meetings, but the officials never came up with this information,” M Aslam Alam, finance ministry’s secretary for banking division, told reporters today.

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Hackers swindled out $101 million from Bangladesh Bank’s account at New York Federal Reserve Bank last month. The incident was uncovered this month.

The money went to Philippines. Already, $81 million has flown out of the banking channel, banking Secretary Aslam Alam says. “Remaining $68,000 is currently in a frozen account.”

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“We will hold an emergency meeting with the central bank’s board members on Tuesday (March 15) over this issue,” he told reporters.

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