BAE systems inks USD 64-M to produce parts for F-35 Jet’s self-defense system

WASHINGTON-- Defense contractor BAE Systems has won a contract to produce transmitter countermeasures for the F-35 joint strike fighter, the Department of Defense announced in a press release.

Defense contractor BAE Systems has been awarded nearly USD 64 million to manufacture transmitter countermeasures for the US Air Force air expendable countermeasures program for the F-35 combat jets and includes foreign military sales.

"BAE Systems Information and Electronic System Integration Inc., Nashua, New Hampshire, is being awarded USD 63,969,918 for the new manufacture of transmitter T-1687/ALE-70(V) countermeasures for the Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems Program Office, Air Expendable Countermeasures Program," the release said on Monday.

BAE Systems explained the effort combines purchases for the US Air Force, but also for Australia, Israel and Norway under the Foreign Military Sales program.

The T-1687/ALE-70(V) is a countermeasures dispenser system designed to fit into the three F-35 Joint Strike Fighter variants and is available for export F-35 partners worldwide.

Work will be performed in the US state of New Hampshire and will be completed by December 2018, according to the announcement.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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