Azerbaijani Ambassador delivers speech at Georgetown University

Azerbaijans Ambassador to US Elin Suleymanov has delivered a speech for the students of Georgetown University about the countrys energy policy, as well as its role in ensuring the energy security of Europe.

The ambassador provided an insight into the history of energy policy in Azerbaijan, the country contributions to development of global energy market. Mr. Suleymanov highlighted international oil and gas projects carrying out with the initiative of Azerbaijan, saying these projects contributed to economic development of region.

"Southern Gas Corridor project will transport Azerbaijani gas to Europe, as well as will support the socio-economic development of the region," said the ambassador.

Mr. Suleymanov highlighted Azerbaijans fruitful geographical position. The ambassador also touched upon the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. "The problem is the main obstacle to the development of the region," he added.

The diplomat said the first democratic republic was established in Azerbaijan.


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