Armed only with gusto and resolve, two Pietermaritzburg medics have chased down a trio of muggers and managed to retrieve a stolen cellphone and return it to its grateful owner

Meldung von The Philippines has begun preparations for the burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at a cemetery for national heroes, a decision that drew criticism from the vice president and could polarize the country President Rodrigo Duterte said he was fulfilling a campaign promise to have Marcos, who ruled with an iron fist for two decades, interred at the heroes' cemetery as a former president and soldier On Sunday, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana assigned armed forces chief of . Burial of Philippine Dictator Marcos in Heroes' Cemetery Triggers Debate

Dazu weiter: Carlson � who had no prior restaurant or cooking experience � moved to Paris in April 2002, armed only with American "optimism, stick-to-itiveness," and investment capital marshaled mostly from friends in the entertainment industry Carlson learned the importance of hard work from his grandparents � the Finnish side worked in tobacco fields, the Polish side in mines and factories � at a young age, delivering both the Journal Inquirer and the Hartford Courant Carlson got his first . Enfield native opens '50s-style diners in France

Weitere Nachricht dazu von The fight for Syria's northern city of Aleppo has intensified with opposition groups pledging to pour in more fighters and fully capture the strategic area, while pro-government forces have responded to rebel gains with more airstrikes The push comes after the rebels broke a three-week government siege of Aleppo "Somehow they were able to get no less than 30 different armed factions to cooperate in breaking through the siege and taking over this heavily fortified military . Syrian Rebels Push for Total Control in Aleppo After Gains

Mitteilung von The 27-year-old man was armed with two handguns and a plan to execute the first cop he saw . EXCLUSIVE: NYPD tip helps bag would-be Wisconsin cop killer.

Source: Ad Hoc News

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