Antique’s natural wonders continue to lure tourists

The province of Antique continues to lure more visitors wanting to explore its natural wonders.

Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao was delighted to note the increasing tourist arrivals in the province. Tourists would like to see Antique's tourism sites that are still raw and untapped, Cadiao said in an interview.

The province is becoming a favorite of tourists, both foreign and domestic, who prefer to visit places that still offer natural beauty that they can explore, such as rivers, springs, and caves. Tourists do not like to visit commercialized places, Cadiao said.

Antique Provincial Board member Noel Alamis, who chairs the committee on tourism, said tourist arrivals in the province were the result of the promotion of tourism destinations by the media.

He especially cited a weeklong series of episodes in the popular morning program "Magandang Buhay". Veteran journalists Korina Sanchez, Jessica Soho, and other media personalities also featured Antique's different destinations for which Alamis said the province could not have afforded to pay.

Based on the Antique Provincial Tourism Office's (APTO) partial report on tourist arrivals only, some 906,899 same-day visitors came to the province from January to October this year.

We are still waiting for reports for the months of November to December 2019, Arjan Fritz A. Abiera, administrative aide and in charge of the statistics, said in an interview.

Abiera said three municipalities have yet to submit their tourist arrivals from January for various reasons. Once the data from the towns of Barbaza, Hamtic, and Bugasong will be in, the same-day tourist arrivals could exceed that of last year's, which was 1.1 million, he said, adding that the municipal tourism officers have promised to submit their reports in the coming days.

Last year, the tourist arrivals in the province generated receipts amounting to about PHP2 million, which Abiera said could also increase this year.

He said tourists usually visit the Igbaclag Cave and the highlands of San Remigio, considered the Little Baguio of Antique because of the cold weather and the Rafflesia, considered as the biggest flower in the world; Siraan Hot Spring in Anini-y and the Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan; white sand beach of Mararison Island in Culasi; and the Tono River in Tibiao where the National River Tubing is held yearly

Source: Philippines News Agency

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