Amphibious exercise to improve troops’ land-to-sea operating ability

MANILAAmphibious landing exercises aim to improve the capability of American and Filipino forces to conduct operations from the sea-to-the-land.

This was emphasized by Philippine "Balikatan" exercise director Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Salamat during Wednesday's amphibious landing exercises in San Antonio, Zambales participated in by 180 Filipino and 160 American troops.

Also present in the event were landing dock BRP Davao Del Sur (LD-602) and the two landing craft units assigned to her along with the frigate BRP Ramon Alcaraz (FF-16) and three American amphibious assault vehicles.

"Balikatan" 2018 started Monday and will end on May 18.

"Amphibious training is an important part of 'Balikatan' exercise as it enhances the capabilities of both the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and US Armed Forces during operations from sea to land. One of the goals of this exercise is to improve rapid deployment and inter-operability of forces during military operations in a hostile shore," Salamat pointed out.

Amphibious landing exercises are conducted to allow military forces to practice transporting troops from ship to shore under hazardous circumstancesdangerous weather or even an aggressive enemy.

The above-mentioned exercise represents the operational training in the exercise that allow the operational forces to see the results of strategic military planning, while allowing them to hone their skills at the tactical level. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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