Airport execs prepare for crisis management exercise

MANILAAirport authorities are now preparing for the crisis management exercise that will be held this year, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Media Affairs Division head, Jess Martinez, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Tuesday.

The crisis management exercise is an anti-hijacking exercise conducted by stakeholders every two years. The MIAA also holds a crash and rescue exercise every two years.

Martinez said the Aviation Security Group of the Philippine National Police (PNP-ASG) heads the crisis management exercise.

"Basically, the PNP-ASG is in charge of the exercise. Other stakeholders, like other agencies, will also attend the meetings for preparation," he said.

Meetings are scheduled on May 9-11 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) complex. According to Martinez, the first two days of the meeting will be to identify the task of each stakeholder.

"During the meeting, stakeholders will identify their role, like who will provide needed manpower, etc.," Martinez said, adding the budget for the exercise will also be discussed during the meeting.

Martinez said the PNP-ASG, being the lead agency in the exercise, would discuss with stakeholders a scenario, say a hijacking scene, and what would be the participation of every stakeholder in the given scenario or exercise.

On May 11, stakeholders will discuss other details, such as the target date to hold this exercise and the venue.

"The venue should be discussed because the exercise must be done in an area, where it could not disturb flights, for instance. Should it be held in a nearby area, just like the crash and rescue exercise that we conducted last year? Should it be done in a remote area? We will find out," Martinez explained.

He added that once the details are finalized in the meeting, the exercise will be conducted anytime soon.

In October 2017, MIAA headed a crash and rescue exercise.

Martinez said MIAA used an abandoned aircraft to burn for that exercise. MIAA also called the participation of nearby fire stations and hospitals for the said exercise. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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