AFP scholars reach more than 4K

MANILA -- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Sunday assured continuous assistance for the education of dependents of military personnel as the number of its scholars rose to 4,129 in February.

In a statement, the AFP said this number is expected to increase in the coming months as the AFP Educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO) strengthens scholarship generation activities nationwide.

The AFPEBSO said 769 beneficiaries are in the National Capital Region; 1,408 in Luzon; 499 in Visayas; and 1,453 in Mindanao.

The beneficiaries are given scholarships through law-mandated programs and those by virtue of partnerships with educational, government, socio-civic, and financial institutions.

Among the benefits for AFPEBSO grantees are free tuition and miscellaneous fees, monthly stipend up to PHP20,000 per year and food and transportation allowance.

As of February, the AFPEBSO has over 290 scholarship partners. These include around 280 academic institutions and foundations that have entered into a memorandum of agreement with the AFP.

It has earlier renewed its partnership with the Mercury Drug Foundation Inc. in providing full scholarships to Pharmacy students.

Since its activation in 2000, the AFPEBSO has been managing educational programs to qualified dependents since its activation in 2000 and catering particularly to disadvantaged orphans whose parents have died or were incapacitated in combat.

Other beneficiaries are dependents of non-battle casualties, active and retired soldiers, and civilian employees of the AFP. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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