AFP remains vigilant vs. terror suspects’ movement

MANILA The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is exercising utmost vigilance regarding alleged movement of any terrorist group.

This was emphasized by AFP spokesperson Brig. Gen. Bienvinido Datuin when sought for a reaction on Australian claims that terrorist operatives are in the process of regrouping following the Marawi siege which lasted for five months.

"The AFP is continuously monitoring and verifying every information related to any alleged movements of terror groups. We are in constant coordination with our foreign and local counterparts to address the scourge of terrorism," he added.

Also, Datuin said that the main concern of the security sector is not only to address the armed component but the financial and logistics line of terrorist organizations.

"There will always be a gap in the security measures being implemented by every nation in the world, big or small. Terrorists will always look into those gaps and take advantage of them," the AFP spokesperson stressed.

One of their measures to defeat the terror threat is to strengthen security measures with the help of Filipino citizens, he added.

"We call on our people to help in the effort against terrorism. The fight against terrorism is not the sole responsibility of the government or the security sector but of every citizen of the Republic," Datuin disclosed.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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