AFP chief warns Abu Sayyaf: You will suffer the same fate as your fellow bandits

MANILA-- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) warned Abu Sayyaf bandits that they would suffer the same fate as their fallen brigands who were slain by government forces during a series of encounters in Bohol.

The slain bandits were members of the estimated 11-man band of Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Muamar Askali alias "Abu Rami" who made an incursion in Inabanga town, Bohol last April 10, reportedly to abduct some tourists for their kidnap-for-ransom scheme.

However, this attempt fizzled out as they were neutralized by responding government forces resulting in the death of Askali and three other ASG members last April 11.

"The AFP has sent a very strong message: do not attempt to propagate your nefarious activities," AFP chief-of-staff Gen. Eduardo AAo said.

"You will suffer the same fatal consequences as these terrorists for attempting to bring in terror and havoc to this tranquil province of Bohol -- or in other places in the country for that matter," he added.

In a series of encounters in Barangay Bacani, Clarin town last April 22, four bandits were neutralized one after the other in a running gun battle.

The military said that at 12:50 p.m., Joselito Milloria, a former villager of Inabanga who became a Muslim convert (also known as Abu Alih) and later guided the terrorists to his former hometown, was the first to get killed.

Seized from his possession were a Galil rifle, a M-203 grenade launcher and several rounds of ammunition.

Operations continued and another armed encounter erupted at 8 p.m. Three more members of the ASG were neutralized. Two more high-powered firearms were seized--a M-16 and a M-14 with rounds of ammunition.

The military is still on the hunt for an estimated three more bandits, reportedly wounded and running low on ammunition.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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