Abe calls cheering for him at Osaka preschool inappropriate

TOKYO-- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday it was inappropriate that a kindergarten in Osaka run by a controversial school operator made children cheer for him during a sports event.

"I have no intention whatsoever of making a kindergarten say (such a thing). I think it is inappropriate," Abe told a parliamentary session, referring to an incident at the event in Tsukamoto Kindergarten operated by Moritomo Gakuen, where four preschoolers raised their right hands and shouted twice, "Go fight, Prime Minister Abe."

Video footage showed the children also saying, "Adults should protect the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima. Chinese and South Korean people who treat Japan as a bad (country) should amend their minds." They also said, "The passage through the Diet of the security legislation was good." (PNA/Kyodo)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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