77 schools in Ilocos Region start expanded limited F2F classes

Some 77 public schools in the Ilocos Region have joined the expanded limited face-to-face (F2F) classes starting February 21.

In a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Department of Education (DepEd) Ilocos regional office planning officer Pedro Jose Cudal said the schools are in addition to the 20 that piloted the limited F2F in the region in November 2021.

Of the total number, 32 schools are in Ilocos Norte, 39 in Pangasinan, and six in Ilocos Sur, he said.

“Some have already expanded their grade level coverage as before, the pilot areas for limited F2F only cover kindergarten to grade 3 but now, they may cover kindergarten to grade 12 depending on the school’s capacity,” Cudal said.

DepEd Ilocos regional office education program supervisor Johnson Sunga said these schools have been validated as compliant with the standards of the school safety assessment tool and the Alert Level should be at 1 and 2.

“Since we are under Alert Level 2, we can now implement limited F2F classes,” he said.

Sunga said there are parameters being implemented in the limited F2F classes.

“Schools are given flexibility in contact time for teaching and learning provided that meals are not taken in school, particularly lunch, because in communal eating, they might converse except during managed recess when they can bring and eat their own food in their respective seats,” he added.

Sunga said only vaccinated teachers may participate while inoculated learners shall be preferred but not required.

Meanwhile, 13 schools from Pangasinan have applied for the expanded limited F2F classes but are still subject to validation.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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