3 UP students to compete in Europe adventure race

MANILA - Three students from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman are hoping to take home the prize from a week-long adventure race across Europe.

The only Filipino team selected from a pool of other hopefuls, "Sea Gals," composed of architecture students Alison Estabaya, Nadine Balaccua and Nikki Palma, said yes to Red Bull's ultimate question: Can you make it?

They will compete against 164 other student teams from some 50 countries starting April 12 in a race that will test their resilience and endurance.

The student teams will have to go through six checkpoints positioned in Europe's key cities, including Berlin, Barcelona, Prague and Paris, among others, before reaching their final destination.

At the start of the race, the teams should surrender their cash, cards and personal phones in exchange for 24 Red Bull cans and a smartphone.

Using only the Red Bull cans as their currency, the teams need to exhaust all legal means in order to trade the cans for their food, lodging and transportation needs.

With the great tests and challenges ahead, the "Sea Gals" said they are already building up their stamina. They are also doing research on different countries and their languages.

The all-female Filipino team said they are banking on each one's strength to win the race, with Estabaya recognized for her wit, Balaccua for her skill and Palma for her charm.

Estabaya shared that as architecture students, they are most excited about finally having a personal look at Europe's architectural wonders.

"We're all architectural students so we're so excited to see all the architectural wonders we've only been reading about and learning about in class," Estabaya said.

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