2020 PCOO budget to ‘level up’ gov’t media services

MANILA The PHP1.698-billion budget of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) for 2020 will boost the quality of its information dissemination services, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday terminated the plenary debates for the PCOO's PHP1.698-billion budget for 2020, which is about 12 percent higher than this year's PHP1.4 billion.

With the budget that was given to the PCOO, we expect that all agencies of the PCOO will again level up. We will improve the quality of our reporting in PTV, also in Radyo Pilipinas, as well as in the Philippine News Agencyincluding the News and Information Bureau, Bureau of Communications Services, and other branches of the PCOO, Andanar said in a mix of Filipino and English.

He said the government media will not only widen its audience reach but will also strengthen information campaigns to show the gold standard of governance under the Duterte administration.

So we can deliver what we call the 'Duterte Legacy.' This is the President's legacy in our country for the next three years. This will also be the basis of our next presidents when it comes to public service we have a gold standard, we have the barometer to follow. Meaning what it means to serve a president, this will be the Duterte Legacy, the Andanar said.

Andanar also thanked Buhay party-list Rep. Lito Atienza for supporting the PCOO in pushing for a higher budget for next year.

The PCOO chief also said while the 2020 budget may be significantly smaller compared to the funding of the country's top local networks, he remains committed to continuing the improvement of government media services.

PHP1.6 billion is certainly not enough, but we know that we also depend on what we are given. We would live, we would operate within our means. We do not go beyond our means and if we are given more budget, it will be better so we can accelerate the reform of our government media, Andanar said.

He also noted that the budget would help facilitate the communications strategies of other national government agencies.

The budget is spread across all agencies. It really helps because we have a Comprehensive Communications Committee, which includes all government media agencies, Andanar said.

"So with more budget, that means we can program these funds to effective tactics and strategies to really reach the masses and reach the international community without fake news, without disinformation, he added.

The PCOO serves as the premier arm of the executive branch in engaging and involving the citizenry and the mass media, to enrich the quality of public discourse on all matters of governance and build a national consensus.

The PCOO's mission is to serve as the primary vehicle for consciousness-raising, constituency building, and social mobilization; to support the policies, programs, and projects of the presidency; and to serve as a tool to inform, educate and enlighten the citizenry on matters of national importance to deepen their civic engagement.

Other attached agencies of the PCOO include the Philippine Information Agency, Philippine Broadcasting Services, Radio-Television MalacaAang, Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation, the National Printing Office, and APO Production Unit. (PR)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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