Zambo City vehicle sign up down due to Covid-19

Some 9,000 motor vehicles failed to renew their registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in 2020 due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, an LTO official said Saturday.

Noel Noche, city district head of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), said these vehicles, such as motorcycles and four-wheels, comprise 11 percent of the total number of vehicles they have on record that remain unregistered.

Noche said there was an abrupt decrease in vehicle registration since the Covid-19 pandemic started in the middle of March last year.

“It was due to the lockdown that even our office has been closed starting the middle of March, April, and May due to Covid. It was only in June where we started registering vehicles. There was a three-month backlog that is why many are still unregistered,” Noche said.

He said the LTO has provided amnesty to vehicle owners unable to register their vehicles from March until June of last year.

“So all vehicles were given amnesty, they were not penalized by LTO within that period. But if they will register only now, there is a penalty already,” he said.

Noche said starting this year there are no more available stickers for registered vehicles.

He said he received a memorandum from LTO central office informing them not to collect payment for stickers.

“We are still waiting for instructions. Possibly LTO Manila plans to innovate the stickers just like the RFID (radio frequency identification) stickers being provided to four-wheel vehicles, which are posted on windshields,” he said. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News agency

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