Suspect in quarry watchman’s slay nabbed in Legazpi City

Police operatives arrested here on Wednesday one of the suspects in the killing of two siblings, one of whom was a quarry site watchman, last Monday.

Col. Ronnie Pavia, Daraga police chief, in an interview on Thursday, identified the suspect as Harvi Collantes, 20, of Purok 3, Barangay 17.

Collantes and victim Christian Millena, 37, were co-workers at the same quarry site operated by ALRO Construction near the foot of Mayon Volcano in Barangay Budiao, Daraga, Albay, where the killing took place.

Pavia said Collantes did not resist when arrested at his house.

He said the suspect was pinpointed by several workers at the quarry site as the one who killed Millena and the victim’s brother, Chris John, 18, both of Barangay Banadero, Daraga.

Chris John was merely visiting his brother when the killing took place.

Initial investigation showed Christian and the suspect, who were both drunk, had a heated altercation. They came from separate drinking sessions.

Pavia said Christian was stabbed in the nape using an ice pick, while his younger brother was hit with a solid object at the back of his head.

He said the Millena brothers’ bodies were found by the police squeezed between a lined canal and partly covered by sand at an isolated portion of the quarry site.

“We have names already of the other suspects. And we are now gathering more evidence to pin them down,” Pavia said.

He said they would immediately file criminal charges against Collantes for the killings.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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