POC to spearhead volleyball election

The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) has called on the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) to hold an election for what would look like a new national sports association (NSA) for volleyball.

POC president Abraham Tolentino said the election is needed to take place before the FIVB convenes for its general assembly.

“There was already a request from the FIVB some time ago to hold a volleyball election before the FIVB’s general assembly this February,” Tolentino said on Tuesday after the POC held its first board meeting at the East Ocean Palace Restaurant in Paranaque. “The FIVB wanted to recognize a legitimate volleyball NSA before its world congress. It’s urgent.”

With the FIVB general assembly set next month, the volleyball NSA needs to have its set of officers by the end of January.

The POC set the election later this month.

To date, there are two volleyball governing groups who are still at odds.

The old Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) has been insisting that it is still being recognized by the FIVB despite the POC stripping them of their status as the official NSA for volleyball.

On the other hand, the one POC now recognizes, the Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas Inc. (LVPI), is the one handling the national team duties.

However, POC said neither PVF nor LVPI is being recognized by FIVB right now.

“Without a legitimate NSA, we cannot send national teams to FIVB-sanctioned tournaments abroad,” Tolentino added. “Therefore, we will ask all volleyball stakeholders to cooperate and participate in the elections.”

‘Never stripped’

Meanwhile, PVF president Ed Cantada keeps on stressing that his group is the only NSA acknowledged by FIVB.

Cantada reiterated that the PVF has been affirmed during the 2018 FIVB General Assembly and even claimed that they got an invite to the next edition.

“PVF was never stripped of its membership in the FIVB as alleged. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body in the FIVB. Not even the Board of Administration could go against its decision,” Cantada said.

He also denied that there was an agreement made to essentially merge the PVF and the LVPI to become one single entity.

“PVF is in no way a part of the proposed alliance. PVF will never agree to an alliance. The FIVB GA decided in favor of PVF. The decision of the highest authority in volleyball must be respected and honored. It is PVF alone that is the national federation that is affiliated to FIVB,” Cantada said. “There is no need for an alliance to be established as an FIVB-affiliated group already exists for the country.”

He even called on the members of the alleged alliance to just join the PVF instead.

Source: Philippines News agency

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