Philippine Navy test-fires armament off Cebu waters

The Philippine Navy in the Visayas successfully test-fired naval armaments off the coast of Camotes Island in Cebu province on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Naval Forces Central (NFC) said the Naval Task Force 50 test-fired its naval guns aboard the patrol craft BRP Abraham Campo (PC396) in the seawater near the group of islands.

“A notice to all mariners (NOTAM) was issued prior to the test-fire date to advise transiting vessels of the danger in the exercise area,” Lt. Junior Grade Frances Maye Macapinig, NFC’s public affairs officer, said in a statement.

The Naval Task Force 50 utilized two picket boats to sweep and secure the designated firing area from unwanted traffic intrusion.

A medical team was also on board the picket boats, ready for any medical intervention that might be needed. PC396 safely and successfully completed the activity with no personnel and material casualty, the statement added.

The gun exercise aims to test and ensure the operational readiness of naval armaments and evaluate the proficiency of their personnel aboard the ship for combat readiness utilizing the “killer tomato” as the target.

Patrol Craft 396, skippered by Commander Kenneth Rosalejos, along with his crew, was able to test all its armaments to hone their skills and firing proficiencies.

The activity was conducted in adherence to health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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