Nlcom reports surrender of 364 Reds in first quarter of 2021

total of 364 members of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) operating in Northern and Central Luzon returned to the fold of the law and yielded some 34 assorted firearms in the first quarter of this year.

Lt. Gen. Arnulfo Marcelo B. Burgos Jr., chief of the Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom), said on Thursday that the continuous collapse of the CPP-NPA leadership and the influx of surrenderers from their ranks are manifestations that the terrorist group’s defeat is inevitable.

“Sustained internal security operations and law enforcement operations coupled with the overwhelming support from the local government units and the general public enabled the government troops to successfully thwart any terroristic action by communist terrorists in Northern and Central Luzon. Their leaders continue to fall while their disgruntled members surrender in droves to government forces. These are manifestations that the NPA’s defeat in this part of the country is inevitable,” Burgos said in a statement.

The new surrenderers are in addition to the 396 former rebels who returned to mainstream society last year and yielded a total of 191 firearms. All of them have received various government assistance under the national government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

Burgos said 322 of those who returned to the fold of law in January and February are awaiting the release of their respective E-CLIP grants while the remaining 42 rebels who surrendered in March are currently processing their requirements to avail of the government’s local integration program benefits.

Aside from the surrenderers, he said there were several high-profile communist terrorists neutralized during the conduct of internal security operations and law enforcement operations by the government forces in the first quarter period.

Among them were Rommel Tucay, the secretary of Kilusang Larangang Gerilya Sierra Madre; Rudy Daguitan alias Pinpin, the political officer of Kilusang Larangang Gerilya Baggas; Nora Miguel alias Gemay, the medical officer of Kilusang Larangang Gerilya Baggas; Delfin Pimentel of Central Luzon Regional Committee; and Rosalio Canubas alias Yuni, the leader of the NPA’s Regional Operations Command and concurrently the 2nd Deputy Secretary of Komiteng Rehiyon–Cagayan Valley.

“We are determined to totally defeat the communist terrorists by the end of this year. We are right on track in winning the peace and promoting development for the peace-loving citizens of this part of the country. We will press on the fight and end the local communist armed conflict once and for all,” Burgos said.

The Nolcom chief has called on the few remaining members of the communist terrorists in Northern and Central Luzon to go back to mainstream society and live peacefully with their families.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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