Meat products remain at buying capacity: DA

As Executive Order 124 which mandates a price ceiling on meat products nears its expiration, the Department of Agriculture (DA) on Monday said the retail price, although did not meet the government-set price, remains at the average.

As of today, the DA said that per kilogram of pork kasim retails from PHP310 to PHP360; pork liempo is selling between PHP340 to PHP380; while whole chicken retails from PHP150 to PHP200.

The 60-day law, which will end on April 8, imposed the price ceiling for a kilogram of kasim and pigue at PHPP270, PHP300 per kilogram for liempo, and PHP160 per kilogram for dressed chicken.

On the other hand, the agriculture office said that 2,989 live hogs were transported to Metro Manila public markets on March 28. So far, the DA has transported 232,763 live hogs since February 8, the start of the implementation of the price ceiling.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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