Lake Sebu’s seven waterfalls tourism site up for P10-M facelift

The provincial government of South Cotabato has allotted some PHP10 million for the upgrading and rehabilitation of tourist facilities within the famed seven waterfalls of Lake Sebu town.

Lloyd Esparagosa, planning, designing, and programming division chief of the Provincial Engineering Office, said Thursday they are already working on a development plan for the site as part of its continuing facelift to attract more tourists.

He said the project is jointly being undertaken by their office in coordination with the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Sports unit, Provincial Planning and Development Office, and local stakeholders.

Esparagosa said the initiative mainly focuses to improve the existing facilities in the vicinity of the Hikong Bente, the first of the seven waterfalls, and the zipline area.

He said they submitted an initial plan last October for the landscaping of the site and the rehabilitation and construction of additional structures, among them a “pasalubong” center and gazebos to accommodate more visitors.

But he said they decided to incorporate more components like the provision of additional lighting within the site and the construction of concrete pavement from the main entrance to the zipline and waterfall area.

“We’re hoping to complete and have the plan approved before the end of the month so we proceed with the implementation stage,” he said in a briefing.

Managed by the Seven Falls Project Management Unit, the site hosts a picnic area, canopy walk, and zip line connecting three of the waterfalls.

Esparagosa said the upcoming developments will mainly complement the operations of the zipline, which remains the site’s top attraction.

The zipline offers a thrilling drop of 180 meters and has two components comprising 740 and 420 meters long from the first to the fifth and second waterfalls.

“The zipline remains intact in terms of structural integrity and can still cater to the volume of visitors at the site,” he said.

Source: Philippines News agency

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