House calls for safe resumption of school sports trainings

The House of Representatives on Tuesday adopted a resolution calling for the safe resumption of school sports trainings and the conduct of athletic competitions.

During the plenary session, the chamber passed House Resolution 2275, which urges the Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Department of Health, the Commission on Higher Education, and the Department of Education to allow the resumption of school sports training activities and competitions so that student athletes who could potentially bring honor and award to the country in the future can continue to enhance their skills under prescribed health and safety protocols.

The resolution states that the Covid-19 restrictions have severely disrupted the conduct of all forms of physical activities and sports training programs of student athletes in the Philippines.

“It is vital for the country’s young athletes to be able to train in the proper venues, so they can keep themselves physically fit and thus perform optimally even as they strictly comply with health protocols and other safety measures,” the resolution read.

The resolution stressed the need to inoculate student athletes as it is a critical step in mitigating the spread of Covid-19 and minimizing any disruption to learning and sorting activities.

According to the resolution, health and safety protocols and other guidelines for the resumption of school sports trainings, competitions, and collegiate athletic leagues shall include the following: Covid-19 vaccination, pre-entry preparations, pre-event and intra event testing guidelines, billeting health protocols, training venue health protocol, retrofitting of sports facilities and communal areas, management of symptomatic or suspected individuals.

The resolution noted that the resumption of sports training and competitions under a bubble-type facility shall be permitted.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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