Bohol reports no untoward incidents after ‘Odette’

Bohol Governor Arthur Yap on Thursday said there are no untoward incidents reported in the province, like looting in areas where people are left with no food and water, days after the onslaught of Typhoon Odette.

“In the past two weeks that I have been going around the province, I am at least happy to share with you that I did not see any such grave untoward incidents of criminality in the province,” Yap said, drawing applause from the crowd who attended the media briefing.

He cited the resiliency of the residents that, despite the crisis, held on and waited for help to arrive.

“And I would like to thank every Bol-anon who stood their ground to protect their families and their communities at this point in time. So if you want a security report, in general, I have to share with you that I am very proud and I am very happy that in our province, we are able to maintain stability throughout this crisis,” he added.

Yap was clarifying reports from Manila media quoting him asking for help from the national government to deter the possibility of looting and other criminalities that may happen after the typhoon.

Yap confirmed reports that he requested President Rodrigo Duterte to send more police and military to secure the capitol’s effort for reconstruction, as well as to help the local cops in enforcing peace and order to areas where people became frustrated due to lack of basic necessities.

He also asked for more water and food for residents in island villages cut off from the mainland because of the destruction brought by the typhoon.

Yap said his call for more law enforcement and uniformed soldiers to secure localities came as he saw in local and international news that in times of crisis where people became in dire need, “we don’t know of possibilities of untoward incidents”.

He, however, asked the residents to refer any concerns regarding peace and order or any specific reports to Col. Osmundo Salibo, director of the Bohol Provincial Police Office.

Meanwhile, Yap reported that as of Tuesday, the provincial capitol recorded a total of 109 individuals who perished and 2,031 injured during Typhoon Odette.

He said the number of families who are in the evacuation centers increased to around 30,000 with individuals who are coming in and out of the temporary shelters on a daily basis rising to 70,000.

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