BOC seizes large boat ‘illegally discharged’ from cargo ship

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) on Monday reported the seizure of a vessel that was discharged from a carrying vessel that arrived at the Port of Manila (POM) from the Port of Iloilo.

In a statement, the bureau said an operation by Enforcement and Security Service (ESS) personnel resulted in the apprehension of MV Long Xiang 8 on September 28. The vessel was discharged from the carrying vessel M/V AAL KOBE.

It was discovered that the vessel was not included in the manifest-waybill and that no corresponding import declaration entry was filed with the BOC by the shipowner or agent.

BOC officers also received intelligence reports regarding attempts to move the vessel to evade seizure and detention by the government.

The report prompted Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero to mobilize the BOC’s newly acquired fast patrol boat to prevent the escape of the vessel.

Acting on the said directive, a composite team of members of ESS-Port of Manila District Office, BOC-Quick Reaction Team (QRT) and Water Patrol Division (WPD), was immediately dispatched to locate and board the subject vessel resulting in its seizure.

The large boat was discovered to have already used a fake name identified as YUE XIN HE 813 to avoid detection during voyages.

BOC-QRT and WPD personnel who boarded the vessel also reported that the vessel’s name at its stern side had already been covered with white paint.

The seized vessel is currently moored in the vicinity of Manila Bay area and is continuously guarded by WPD personnel during the pendency of the seizure proceedings under Par. (g) Section 1113; and in violation of Section 401 of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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