Bacolod City cites strategies of Covid-free villages

The Emergency Operations Center Task Force (EOC-TF) here has cited the “best practices” of seven villages in curbing the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Dr. Chris Sorongon, deputy for medical data analysis and assessment, said on Thursday that since the strategies and expertise of each barangay are crucial, the task force hopes to learn from their inspiring stories.

Those who shared their experiences with the EOC-TF were urban barangays 11, 12, 22, and 24 as well as rural villages of Felisa, Alangilan, and Montevista.

Data showed that most of these villages have been declared “Covid-free” for more than 40 days. They were initially included in the list of 28 villages without active cases for 20 consecutive days.

According to the EOC-TF, Barangay 11 has been enforcing strict protocols on the entry of people from other barangays.

Acting village chief Loynnie Grace Morales said they only allow “organic” boarding house occupants in their area.

“Barangay personnel monitoring our area until midnight,” she added.

In Barangay 12, village officials are conducting house-to-house visits in the two puroks (sub-villages).

“Since the last locally-stranded individual who arrived from Cebu in March, Barangay 12 no longer accepts any boarding house occupants,” representative Jan Cordova said.

Barangay 22 village chief Diosdado Mayo said he asked for the cooperation of his constituents, particularly in adhering to the most basic protocols of social distancing and wearing of mask and face shield.

A center of commerce, Barangay 24 has been extra strict in enforcing minimum health protocols. The village council also provides its residents with vitamins, face masks, and face shields.

In Felisa, barangay captain Ramon Jardin said they have established a “One Command Center” for better data management.

They also appointed “output-oriented” individuals as members of the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT), he added.

Barangay Montevista has been focusing on the enforcement of curfew, village chief Glo-ann Tambasen said.

Tambasen said they also ensure that “establishments prone to a breach of protocols” such gymnasiums, tennis courts, and plazas are regularly checked.

“We also require our BHERTs to always wear personal protective equipment in any of their transactions. We are thankful to the Montevista citizens for their donations to people in lockdown areas,” she added.

In Alangilan, village chief Degie Tanista Sr. said they have “well-behaved” citizens, which makes him proud, as there are also those who “make sure to take care of others living in lockdown areas.”

Bacolod, which has 61 villages, has recorded 5,177 confirmed cases as of Wednesday night. Of this number, 4,745 have recovered while there are 279 active cases and 153 deaths

Source: Philippines News Agency

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