66 Zambo medical front-liners recover from Covid-19

The City Health Office (CHO) said Tuesday 66 of the 75 medical front-liners afflicted with coronavirus disease (Covid-19) since March have recovered.

Of the total cases recovered, 13 are physicians, while the 53 are nurses from both public and private hospitals, CHO chief Dr. Dulce Amor Miravite said.

“They are adopting precautionary measures to keep themselves healthy,” Miravite said, adding that being equipped with personnel protective equipment (PPE) while at work remains the best preventive health protocol.

She said 15 physicians and 60 nurses were afflicted with Covid-19 since March when the first case was recorded here.

The remaining nine active cases involving medical front-liners–two physicians and seven nurses–remain in the isolation centers, she added.

This city registered a total of 2,870 Covid-19 patients since March, 2,075 of whom have recovered. As of Monday, active cases stood at 683, with 112 deaths since March.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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