4 ISIS-inspired Dawlah Islamiya terrorists yield in Lanao Sur

Four members of the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-inspired Dawlah Islamiya (DI) surrendered and turned over high-power firearms in the Lanao del Sur town of Saguiran, officials said Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Rafman Altre, 82nd Infantry Battalion (IB) commander, identified the DI surrenderers as Calandada Pungima Lumondot, 55; Jamal Mamadra Radiab, 30; Muhaimen Mamualas Abdul Carim, 30; and Imam Sultan Moctar, 22.

Upon verification, Altre said Lumondot, Radiab, and Carim participated in the five-month Marawi siege in 2017, which killed dozens and caused widespread destruction of homes and properties in the city.

Altre said the three went into hiding after their recruiter, a certain Imam Dimacaling, was killed in a firefight with the military.

The four surrenderers feared for their lives and wanted to return to their families, the Army official said, adding that local officials facilitated the surrender of the four DI gunmen.

Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. Jose Maria Cuerpo II, 103rd Infantry Brigade commander, reiterated his call to the remaining members of the ISIS-inspired group to surrender “to prevent further escalation of violent extremism in the area of Lanao.”

Source: Philippines News agency

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