2 NegOcc towns now Covid-free

Two southern towns of Negros Occidental are now free from coronavirus disease (Covid-19) based on the data released by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) on Wednesday afternoon.

These are San Enrique and Hinoba-an, which both have zero active cases, among all the 31 local government units (LGUs), including 19 municipalities and 12 component cities in the province.

As early as October 14, San Enrique, some 38 kilometers from Bacolod, has announced that it is Covid-free after all its 53 confirmed cases have recovered.

“I want to recognize the efforts of our front-liners and the strong implementation of our policies under the leadership of Mayor Jilson Tubillara,” Councilor Koy Debulgado said in a Facebook post.

Hinoba-an, the province’s southernmost town, reported that all its 39 cases have also recovered.

Councilor Jason Tupas, chairman of the Municipal Council’s Committee on Health, credited such achievement to the “sacrificial efforts of (the) brave front-liners, relentless border control, strong community participation, and effective policy-making and implementation.”

Earlier, Toboso town in the north was also reported to be Covid-free but based on the latest data, it has three new active cases.

As of October 21, Negros Occidental has 4,099 confirmed cases, including 2,862 recoveries; 1,139 active cases; and 98 mortalities.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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