BTA to cover thoroughly upcoming European elections

SOFIA: European Parliament (EP) elections will be held in the EU member states between June 6 and 9, 2024, the first elections after the United Kingdom left the Union in 2020. The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) will deploy a special correspondent in each EU member state, in addition to the Agency's team in Sofia and across the country. Special correspondents will cover the European elections on the field, report the results in real time and seek topical comments from journalists and analysts. In the days before the elections, BTA will publish reports and broadcast videos related to the election campaigns in the different EU countries. BTA will cover voting of Bulgarians abroad, information on voter turnout, as well as results of exit polls. On June 10, all BTA special correspondents will go live from 26 European capitals to brief the public on the elections in the respective EU country. A three-hour long broadcast will be streamed live in BTA's National Press Club in Sofia. Information about the European el ections can be found in a separate news service with a digital map which can be found on the homepage of BTA. BTA has already started publishing articles with information about the elections, including summaries for each country, as well as the electoral programmes of the leading parties in each member state, poll data, results from past European elections and electoral attitudes for the upcoming ones. Information on the European Parliament candidates and their parties is also published. Source: Philippines News Agency