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SEN WIN: This is a reform that is being proposed, mukhang maganda yung reporma, dahil participative, transparent and the reporting process to Congress ay importante. Maganda yung mga proposals ng budget reform BRAIN in this case, Budget Reform Act, yan ang pinagaaralan natin ngayon. Importante ngayon yung transparency pagdating sa budget. FREE HIGHER EDUCATION

Q: Sir na figure out na kung saan kukunin yung funds for the FHE?

SEN WIN: We are proposing a phase in process maybe a 2 year or 3 year process. Ibig sabihin pondohan muna natin yung pinaka mahalaga which is the tuition fee and then maybe on the second year we can fun the miscellaneous fees and the third year maybe we can fun the subsidies. In the bill wala naman nakasulat kung magkano e, we will give the executive side the flexibility which one to fund first.

Q: Pero sir sabi ni Sec. Diokno di daw kaya i-implement ng partial, kailangan in full.

SEN WIN: Hindi ata, pwede i-implement ng partial. Marami na tayong in-implement na partial, madaming batas na pwede i-implement partially depending on the budget availability. COMELEC CHAIR BAUTISTA

Q: Comelec Chair Bautista, were you surprised?

SEN WIN: Oo mejo nakakagulat because of course si Chairman Andy holds an important position and and kakatapos pa lang ng isang election. So siguro pinaka magandang gawin dito ay imbestigahan mabuti yung testimony ng kanyang former wife and of course tignan natin mabuti kung may basis talaga yung sinasabi. It's really easy to accuse someone any wrongdoings pero yung pinaka mahalaga dito yung ebidensya. We don't want cast any cloud of doubt doon sa 2016 elections dahil hindi maganda yan sa reputation ng ating bansa.

Q: But how serious can this be Sir, dahil yung allegation nga noong wife niya nakuha nga yung ill-gotten wealth niya sa 2016 elections, sa presidential one?

SEN WIN: That's the accusation of course, at the end ang importante ma substantiate yan accusations right now everything is just being floated in the internet and information lahat ay from the internet so unless we go down to the details, isa-isa talaga yung titignan. It's very difficult to come up with a recommendation right now. Ang pinaka mahalaga right now ay makita yung ebidensya bago tayo humusga kung ano yung gagawin.

Q: Sir, who should investigate it? Should the Senate?

SEN WIN: I think for now it can be, since constitutional body to. The Senate can look into it definitely. Pwede aralin muna ng mabuti ng Senado ano yung mga ebidensya binabanggit ng former wife. Definitely, the Senate should have authority over this.

Q: Impeachable ba to sir?

SEN WIN: It's very difficult to say right now dahil nga di pa natin nakikita ang ebidensya but reputation ng bansa natin to no, this is a really upfront attack to the fundamental principles of our democracy which is the elections. So importante na mapag-aralan ng mabuti.

Q: So reputation din ng election natin is at stake?

SEN WIN: Repuation ng bansa natin, holding elections, reputation ng Comelec being the constitutional body who executes the election and of course ayaw natin magkaroon ng duda sa electoral process natin dahil yan ang isang haligi ng ating demokrasya.


Source: Senate of the Philippines

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